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Brazil - States Justice

The Justice of the States is mentioned by articles 125 and 126 of the Constitution. The Paragraph 1 of article 125 established that the competences of the State Justice will be defined by the Constitution of each State.
In general, the Justice of the States handles all cases in which the Federal government is not, directly or indirectly, an interested party. There is not a municipal Justice in Brazil.
That means that ordinary familiar, civil and penal cases are trialed by the States Justice. Divorces, robberies, murderers, unpaid debts are examples of actions trialed by the States Justice.
A Judge of the State is called Juiz de Direito (Judge of Rights). A Court of the States Justice is called Tribunal de Justiša (Court of Justice). When applicable, an appeal against a decision of a Court of Justice must be profiled before the Superior Court of Justice (a federal court).

List of: the Courts of Justice in Brazil.

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