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Volleyball in Brazil

Men's Team
The Brazilian team is currently the World Champion (2003), and the Champion of the League (2003).
History:Until the 1980s, Brazil was not an important player.
In 1982, an excellent team was formed; some important players were William, Bernard, Renan Dalzotto (who, having double nationality, would play later in Italy), Xando, Montanaro and Bernardinho (who today is coach of the Brazilian team); the team was head to head with the Soviets, and became favourite to win the Olympics in 1984, when USSR decided not to participate; however, the team was beaten by the Americans and got only the silver medal. That group was dubbed "the silver generation" of the Brazilian volleyball.
That team helped boost the interest of Brazilians for volleyball; more and more children started practicing the sport. In 1992, in Barcelona, a new generation conquered the gold medal; the new players were Mauricio, Tande, Giovanni, Ricardo Negrao, Pele, etc. The group was dubbed "the golden generation".
Ever since, the interest has only grown; volleyball became one of the most popular sports in Brazil, and the results show it. When not the winner, Brazil is an important player in all the major championships and tournaments in the world.
Each Brazilian state has a federation, congregating the local teams. There is a confederation which congregates all the federations; visit the site of the Brazilian Confederation of Volleyball:

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