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Most important newspapers

Below, some notices about the most important national newspapers. For information about papers covering each Brazilian State, visit the corresponding page on the States of Brazil section.

Most Brazilian newspapers have regional circulation (usually within State borders). Some newspapers, however, are distributed throughout the country; even if having a local section, these newspapers have a comprehensive coverage of politics, economy and international issues, that make them a source of information for everyone in Brazil.
The four major newspapers are O Globo, Jornal do Brasil, O Estado de Sao Paulo and Folha de Sao Paulo. The boards (owners) of O Globo and O Estado are more conservative, while JB and Folha are more liberals; however, the opinions are very clearly labeled, as opposed to the factual news. The editorial staff seems to be completely independent; many columnists are published in more than one paper.
O Globo Published in Rio de Janeiro. The newspaper is a member of O Globo Corporation, one of the largest media groups in Brazil, which also includes a magazine, radio and TV Globo, the most important in Brazil.
O Estado de Sao Paulo Published in Sao Paulo.
Jornal do Brasil Published in Rio de Janeiro. It faced financial problems in the 1990s, with impact in the workforce.
Folha de Sao Paulo Published in Sao Paulo. Of the major on-line newspapers, this is the one with most restrict access.
Correio Braziliense Published in Brasilia. Not as big as the other four, but, closer to the center of Government, this is a good source of political information.

Gazeta Mercantil Focus on economy. It used to be the most important financial newspaper in Brazil, but it faced a crisis in the 1990s, bordering bankruptcy. English version available.
Valor Econômico Focused on economy. This newspaper is a joint-venture between Globo and Abril, the two largest media groups in Brazil.

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