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Probably the most known Brazilian of all time. The best soccer player in the world, ever.

Pelé's official site The NEWS section is not maintained by Pelé, but the statistics and historic facts, given the source (Pelé himself), are as reliable as can be.

Read what Henry Kissinger wrote about Pelé, when TIME magazine ellected him one of The 100 Most Important People of The Century. In this interesting article, a Brazilian journalist tells more stories about Pelé (the English version is in the bottom half of the page); it's funny to see that some stories have different versions. Click the next link to read an excellent site with plenty of info about Pelé in several languages

Pelé is a businessman today. Pelé himself appears in several marketing campaigns, such as Viagra and TetraPak. Pelé partnered with other people to create a company whose business was to explore Pelé's image. For a brief time, Pelé assumed a political position, being the Ministry of Sports in President Fernando Henrique Cardoso government; by his initiative, a bill which regulates Sports in Brazil was turned into law, which became known as Lei Pelé (Law Pelé - Law nr. 9615/98).
Pelé still finds time to act as Ambassador of United Nations Children's Fund - UNICEF.

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