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Fernando Henrique Cardoso

Fernando Henrique Cardoso - or FHC - was President of Brazil from Jan.1st.1995 through Dec.31st.2002.
Fernando Henrique Cardoso Mr. Cardoso was Ministry of Finances in 1994 when the Plano Real was devised and deployed; the Plano Real managed to bring inflation down from 80% a month to less than 10% per year.
His first term in office (1995-1998) was dedicated to consolidate the Plano Real; state owned companies were privatized (including giants Telebras and Vale do Rio Doce), currency was maintained overvalued to stimulate importations and tame inflation, the civil service was reestructured, the Social Security system began to be reestructured.
The parties which supported Cardoso voted for an alteration in Constitution to allow reelection, and mr. Cardoso was reelected for a second term (1999-2002).
Mr. Cardoso's second term was affected by several external (crisis in South Asia, Russia and Argentina, terrorist attack on Sept. 11th 2001) and internal factors (currency abrupt devaluation, energy crisis) which undermined his popularity. In the 2002 presidential campaign, Mr. Cardoso's candidate, Jose Serra, lost the election for Mr. Luis Inacio Lula da Silva.

Today, mr. Cardoso dedicates time to his own institute: Instituto Fernando Henrique Cardoso.
Mr. Cardoso writes a weekly article, published by syndicated newspapers in Brazil. Click to read the latest Fernando Henrique Cardoso's article.

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