World Cup 2014 in Brazil

-2326 days
to the World Cup 2014

«Host Cities
   »Rio de Janeiro
   »Sao Paulo
   »Belo Horizonte
   »Porto Alegre

Mexico Team in the FIFA World Cup 2014

«World Cup in Brazil.
«Teams of the World Cup 2014.

Mexico Football Federation

»Official Information: Mexico Football Federation, Federación Mexicana de Fútbol Asociación (founded 1927).

Mexico in the Confederations Cup 2013

By winning the Concacaf Gold Cup 2011, Mexico was entitled to participate in the Confederations Cup 2013.

Mexico will play at least three matches in the Confederations Cup.

»June 16th 2013, in Rio de Janeiro: Mexico x Italy
»June 19th, in Fortaleza: Brazil x Mexico
»June 22nd in Belo Horizonte: Japan x Mexico

Qualifying for the World Cup 2014

To go to the finals of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil 2014, Mexico must conquer one of the three or four slots alloted to Concacaf.
There are 35 countries in Concacaf 2014; the Qualifying is sub-divided in four rounds, and the main teams (including Mexico) would start only after the third round.

Third Round:
»Mexico 3 x 1 Guyana
»El Salvador 1 x 2 Mexico
»Costa Rica 0 x 2 Mexico
»Mexico 1 x 0 Costa Rica
»Guyana 0 x 5 Mexico
»Mexico 2 x 0 El Salvador

Fourth Round:
»Mexico x Jamaica
»Honduras x Mexico
»Mexico x USA
»Jamaica x Mexico
»Panama x Mexico
»Mexico x Costa Rica
»Mexico x Honduras
»USA x Mexico
»Mexico x Panama
»Costa Rica x Mexico

Mexico in the Olympic Games 2012

In August 2012, Mexico defeated Brazil and won the football gold medal in the Olympic Games of London; Brazil was runner-up, and Korea finished third.

Mexico overplayed favorite Brazil in the final match; Brazil never won the Olympic gold medal, and took their better squad to London to have it this time (only three players aged over 23 are allowed).
Other countries which had a crave for gold were the host, Britain, and the then ranking leader, Spain.

»Mexico 0 x 0 Korea
»Mexico 2 x 0 Gabon
»Mexico 1 x 0 Switzerland
»Mexico 4 x 2 Senegal
»Brazil 1 x 2 Mexico

Lineup in the final match against Brazil: Jose Corona (GK)(C); Israel Jimenez (Nestor Vidrio), Carlos Salcido, Hiram Mier, Hector Herrera; Darvin Chavez, Marco Fabian, Diego Reyes; Javier Aquino (Miguel Ponce), Oribe Peralta (Peralta scored twice against Brazil) (Raul Gimenez), Jorge Enriquez; Javier Hernandez was withdrawn shortly before the event.
Coach: Luis Fernando Tena.

Mexico in the Concacaf Gold Cup 2011

In June 2011, Mexico beat USA to become champion of the Concacaf Gold Cup 2011.

»Mexico 5 x 0 El Salvador
»Cuba 0 x 5 Mexico
»Mexico 4 x 1 Costa Rica
»Mexico 2 x 1 Guatemala
»Honduras 0 x 2 Mexico
»USA 2 x 4 Mexico

This was the lineup in the final match against USA: Alfredo Talavera (GK); Carlos Salcido (J. Torres), Rafael Marquez (H. Reinoso), H. Moreno, E. Suarez; Andres Guardado, Gerardo Torrado, P. Barrera (J. Zavala), I. Castro, A. Reina; Giovani dos Santos, Javier Hernandez.
Coach: Jose Manuel "Chepo" de La Torre.

Mexico in the World Cup 2010

In June 2010, Mexico played four matches in the World Cup 2010.
Mexico was an underdog, but surprised favorite France and hosts South America and qualified to the next round.

»South Africa 1 x 1 Mexico (opening match of the event)
»France 0 x 2 Mexico (see movie)
»Mexico 0 x 1 Uruguay
»Argentina 3 x 1 Mexico

This was the lineup in the last match against Argentina: Óscar Pérez (GK); Ricardo Osorio, Francisco Rodriguez, Rafael Marquez (C), Carlos Salcido; Efrain Juarez, Gerardo Torrado, Andres Guardado (Guillermo Franco); Giovani dos Santos, Adolfo Bautista (Pablo Barrera), Javier Hernandez.
Coach: Javier Aguirre.