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Brazil in the World Cups

«World Cup in Brazil.

The performance of the Brazilian team in past World Cups

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Much of the History of Football (Soccer, for Americans) can be told by telling the History of World Cups. Except for the pioneer editions (when teams were invited to participate, and sometimes refused), all the best teams in the world want to participate in the World Cups (there are more countries affiliated with FIFA than with the United Nations). And all the best players in the world want to defend their countries in the World Cups.

Much of the History of the World Cups can be told by telling the History of Brazil in the World Cups. Brazil is the only country to participate of the seventeen World Cups; Brazil has been five times champion (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002), vice-champion in two editions (1950 and 1998) and semi-finalist in other three (1938, 1974 and 1978). Several of the best players in History of football were Brazilian, and most of them left their register in the World Cups.

The Brazilian team has a multitude of fans, from many countries in the world. The pages below recall some passages of Brazil in the World Cups.

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»Brazil in the World Cup 2010, in South Africa.

Brazil in the 2006 Cup - Germany. A big failure. See the blog about World Cup 2006.


Brazil in the 2002 Cup - Japan and Korea. Brazil wins 5th Championship.

Brazil in the 1998 Cup - France. What happened to Ronaldo?

Brazil in the 1994 Cup - United States. Brazil is champion the 4th time.

Brazil in the 1990 Cup - Italy. The worst Brazilian team in recent times.

Brazil in the 1986 Cup - Mexico. Brazil lost to France.

Brazil in the 1982 Cup - Spain. The best team did not win.

Brazil in the 1978 Cup - Argentina. Brazil auto-proclaimed as "Moral Champion".

Brazil in the 1974 Cup - Germany. Holland taught Zagallo a lesson.

Brazil in the 1970 Cup - Mexico. Brazil becomes tri.

Brazil in the 1966 Cup - England. The worst Brazilian performance ever.

Brazil in the 1962 Cup - Chile. A team four years older.

Brazil in the 1958 Cup - Sweden. The world of football meets a King: PelÚ.

Brazil in the 1954 Cup - Switzerland. The Cup that Hungary lost.

Brazil in the 1950 Cup - Brazil. The saddest day of Brazilian football.

Brazil in the 1938 Cup - France. The cup of Le˘nidas da Silva.

Brazil in the 1934 Cup - Italy. Brazil played - and lost - only one match.

Brazil in the 1930 Cup - Uruguay. FIFA: "PLEASE, come play in the World Cup".