Thursday, December 07, 2006

Juninho: "older players had privileges"

Juninho, from Olympique Lyon, spoke to international news agencies on November 28th, five months after the defeat of Brazil in the Germany World Cup. The link to the report in Portuguese is here.

Juninho, respected not only for being an excellent player but also for his sincerity and good character, said:
"Our preparation was bad planned. We played against a team of Switzerland and the New Zealand team. It would be OK not to play tough matches, but, in such case, we would have to train more intensively, and we didn't do it".
"Some players were not well fit and prepared, but had the chance to play 90 minutes; I had to wait more than three years to have a chance".
"Players from the 2002 World Cup had the feeling that nothing would stain their reputation".
"In the match against French, they were much more willing to win than us; we were only thinking about the final match".


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