Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Ronaldo's feet with blisters. Nike's image is hurt.

In the match against New Zealand, Ronaldo left the field before the end of the game because of blisters on his left feet.

The doctors already said that the blisters do not worry. Ronaldo also said he is not worried. With current medicine, blisters are easily healed.

The most preoccupied party with the blisters is Nike. It is known that the blisters are caused by the new Ronaldo's shoes. And it is not a good marketing for Nike to read that their ultra-hiper-modern football shoes are causing blisters to one of the most watched players in the world.

In the 2002 World Cup, in the final match against Germany, the world watched Edmilson, who had his jersey torn by a German, take almost five minutes to put on a new jersey. That happened because Nike had invented a revolutionary two-layer shirt, which supposedly would absorb better the sweat; the problem is that putting such a shirt on takes a special technique.
After that Cup, Nike abandoned that idea, and now the Brazilian team wears a single-layer uniform.


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