Friday, June 09, 2006

Ronaldo: "Lula drinks too much"

Last night, Rede Globo, the most popular Brazilian TV channel, aired an interesting interview.
President Lula, who is known for not being fond of talking to the Press (he used to talk a lot before becoming President, but after taking office he only gave two interviews), interviewed the coach of the Brazilian team, Carlos Alberto Parreira. This interview had a clear marketing intention, as Brazil is going to have elections later this year, and the President wanted to have public exposure.

President Lula asked Parreira: "There are rumors that Ronaldo is fat. I know he is not fat. But is he fat?". Parreira said that Ronaldo is not fat; he is much stronger than four or eight years ago, when he was younger; to be strong is not to be fat.

Today, Ronaldo responded to Lula.
Ronaldo is a rich man, he doesn't have political restraints, he has always been independent, he has no reason to fear or please any authorities (one of the reasons that makes him admired in Brazil).

Ronaldo said: "The President asked questions about my physical conditions, knowing that I was not there. And even if I were there, I could not answer, because questions to the President are forbidden during his interviews.
But, if I could, I would have several questions to ask to the President".

The reporters: "Such as?".

Ronaldo: "Several questions".
For a moment, people thought he would mention the corruption scandal involving several Presidential advisors, which Lula pretends not to exist.
But Ronaldo answered: "For example, people say that I am too fat, and people say that the President drinks too much. Just like people are mistaken about me, I think they are mistaken about the President".

Everybody knows that the President enjoys drinking, particularly cacha├ža. In 2004, the New York Times published an article stating that the President was drinking too much; in response, the President attempted to revoke the Visa of the NYT reporter (read about the case here).

By responding to the President, Ronaldo showed that: he fears no authority; he is pissed by the rumors about his overweight; he is anxious to play and win.


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