Tuesday, June 20, 2006

End of mistery: Ronaldo IS overweighted

The weight of Ronaldo has been causing some disputes, which included even the Brazilian President of the Republic. Everyone says (and sees) that Ronaldo is overweighted, he gets upset, he denies it, he says he will respond in the field, blah, blah,...

The one who could confirm or deny the overweight of Ronaldo is the doctor of the Brazilian team.
Every player has a medical/physical profile, which includes, of course, weight. All players were submitted to medical exams in Switzerland, before the team started the preparation.

The problem is that the doctors had never unveiled the weights of the players.

Yesterday, doctor Runco confirmed: Ronaldo arrived in Switzerland with a weight of 95 kg; his ideal weight is 90 kg.
So, indeed, Ronaldo is overweighted, and he was overweighted while playing the two first matches of the Brazilian team.

The good news: after the intensive physical programme, Ronaldo now is weighting 90.5 kg; so, he is only 0.5 kg above his ideal weight.

overweight Ronaldo
"..., then, you charge the President of drinking too much"


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