Thursday, June 01, 2006

Edmilson is out of the team

Medical exams showed that the cartilage in Edmilson's right knee was torn.
Edmilson played in the 2002 World Cup; in 2006, he would be substitute of Émerson. Edmilson was important because he could play in midfield (as he does in his current team, Barcelona) or in defense (as he used to do in his Brazilian team, São Paulo).

In place of Edmilson, coach Parreira called Mineiro, from São Paulo FC, Brazil. São Paulo is current champion of the Clubs World Championship; in the final match, São Paulo won Liverpool by 1 x 0, and Mineiro was the scorer.

Other than that, Mineiro did very little either playing for his Brazilian clubs or for the Brazilian team. He has only three caps in the Brazilian team, one of them a friendly match to commemorate the farewell of Romário.
His calling was a surprise.


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