Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Brazil beats Croatia

Brazil was confident, but everyone knew Croatia would be a tough match. The match was tight mostly because Croatia has a goog team. Back in 2002, Brazil had also a difficult first match against Turkey, and the Turkish finished the Cup in 3rd place.

Ronaldo played very bad. Brazilian commentators are over respectful to Ronaldo, remembering that he had recent problems with blisters on his feet, and still is not fully recovered. Coach Parreira already said that Ronaldo will start playing the next match, against Australia on Sunday.
But the thruth is that the team was much better with Robinho. Adriano and Ronaldo occupy the same zones, and when one of them doesn't move around fast, the other also lacks room. By removing Ronaldo, Adriano gets deeper inside the goal area, and Robinho occupies the zone between the goal area and the midfield.
Online surveys indicate that Brazilian fans want Robinho instead of Ronaldo.

The team was saved by Kak√°, who starts to confirm the forecasts that he will be the best Brazilian player in the World Cup.

I think that the result was excellent, the best possible for Brazil.
Had the team won by 3x0 or 4x0, few would see how slow the entire team is, when just one player doesn't move.
The victory by 1x0 gave Brazil the three points, and, yet, showed that the way ahead will be very tough.


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