Monday, June 19, 2006

Brazil beats Australia

Brazil won Australia yesterday by 2 x 0.
Again, nobody in Brazil was enthusiastic over the victory. Most say that Ronaldo played a bit better than the first match, but the team is still very far from being convincing.

Again, Robinho entered in the second half, replacing Ronaldo, and the team started to play much better. A consensus is forming in Brazil that Ronaldo and Adriano occupy the same areas of the field, and when one leaves, the other has more room to perform.
More and more the influential media talks about Robinho replacing Ronaldo, or even Juninho replacing Ronaldo.

A good suprise was Fred. He entered the game five minutes before the end (replacing Adriano) and scored the second goal; in an interview, he said he feels blessed by God. Fred scored a goal in the first match after transferring to Cruzeiro, then scored in the first match with Olympique, and now scored a goal in the fist match in a World Cup.


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