Monday, June 05, 2006

Brazil arrives in Germany

Brazil arrived in Germany.

Until the match with Japan, on June 22n, the Brazilian team will be based in the Kempinski Hotel, in the city of Koenigstein (German for Royal Stone), near Frankfurt. After the June 22nd, the team will move, depending on where they are going to play next.

Differently from the staying in Weggis, when the trainings were all opened, and there was a frequent contact between the team and the population, the staying in Koenistein should be more reserved.
Access to the trainings will be restricted. By determination of FIFA, at least one training shall be opened to the public.

Update June 10th. Brazilian television showed a report about a secondary school in Koenigstein, which happens to be the only place with a view of the field where the Brazilian team is training; a few teachers and students are the only ones to watch the trainings.


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