Wednesday, May 17, 2006

World Cup and violence in São Paulo

The State of São Paulo was taken by a concerted wave of violence last weekend, which left more than 100 dead; read here.

The violence was commanded by leaders of a gang called Primeiro Comando da Capital (First Command of Capital) which congregates most convicts in São Paulo penitentiaries.

This note brings an interesting, official information: the convicts were applying pressure on the administration, to allow them to watch the World Cup inside the prisons. According to the note, the PCC purchased 60 TV sets, probably with plasma screen, which should be installed in the common areas of the prisons.

The rebelions were sparkled when the Administration transferred the leaders of PCC to high security prisons (were, of course, TVs are not allowed).
Rumors say that the gang leaders were very upset, and this may have one reason of the rebellions.
After the violence eased, the note says, the Administration allowed the 60 TVs to be installed.


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