Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Swiss have to queue up to watch Brazil

Brazilian newspaper O Globo published a note today reporting that citizens in Swiss had to face a queue of up to six hours (something unusual in Switzerland) to buy the tickets to watch the trainings and matches of Brazil in Weggis, where the team will finish the preparation (read here).

At the box office, tickets costed SFr 20 (about US$ 17) for the trainings and SFr 75 (US$ 63) for the matches, against the team of Lucern and the National team of New Zealand. The demand was so big that the tickets sold out in less than 24 hours.
The tickets were sold by a company called Kentaro, which paid US$ 1 million to CBF, the Brazilian Federation, for the merchandising rights during the sojourn in Switzerland. Philippe Huber, Kentaro's President, said he had never seen such a demand; "the tickets sold faster than in a show of the Rolling Stones".


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