Sunday, May 28, 2006

Ronaldinho in Switzerland.

The Brazilian team is training in Weggis, Switzerland.
Few people remember that Ronaldinho not only spent some time in Switzerland, but could also have started his career there.

In 1992, Ronaldinho's brother, Assis, arrived in Switzerland to play with Sion Football Club, the most popular team in the French part of the country. Assis brought his young brother, Ronaldinho, to help him forget the accident of 1989, when their father died in the swimming pool of their new house, given by GrĂªmio as part of the contract.

Mr. Christian Constantin, President of Sion, says that he invited all the family to accompany Assis, but his mother and sister didn't want to come. During the time that Assis stayed in Sion, the team was champion of the League and the Cup of Switzerland.

Mr. Constantin still remembers when he met the young boy, aged 12; "Ronaldinho was enchanted when he saw snow for the fist time in his life", he says. "Ronaldinho was already doing those things with a ball that is shown on television today. Anyone watching him could see that he would be a great football player".
Sion tried to sign a contract with Ronaldinho, to have both brothers playing in the team. However, Ronaldinho, too young, was missing his mother and friends, and Assis returned to Brazil.

Mr. Constantin met Ronaldinho and Assis again, a few weeks ago, before the match against Chelsea, final of the European Cup. "We remembered the old days, and had good laughs", he said.


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