Monday, May 15, 2006

Repercussion and interview

The biggest surprise was Gilberto. Gilberto played only eight matches in the Brazilian team. He will be substitute for Roberto Carlos.

Marcos, excellent goalkeeper in the World Cup 2002, and Roque Júnior, also a principal in that Cup, are recovering from lesions, and were substituted by Júlio César and Cris. Other players had been considered, such as Júlio Batista (Real Madrid) and Renato (Sevilla), but the ones chosen by Parreira (Ricardinho and Juninho Pernambucano) were not surprising.

Only two players are currently defending Brazilian teams: goalkeeper Rogério Cenni, from São Paulo (excellent free kicker, who recently set a new record for highest number of goals scored by a goalkeeper) and middle-field Ricardinho, from Corinthians (in 2002, Ricardinho was called at last minute to the Cup, to replace Emerson, who got injured training in Korea).

In the interview, Parreira confirmed that his intention is to play with the "magic square": Ronaldinho, Kaká, Ronaldo and Adriano.
So, the probable team to start the first match against Croatia on June 13th is: Dida, Cafu, Lucio, Juan and Roberto Carlos; Emerson, Zé Roberto, Kaká and Ronaldinho; Ronaldo and Adriano.
Except for Adriano, all the other players of the principal team had been in Korea/Japan; this will be the Brazilian team with the highest average age in the past 8 World Cups.

Parreira admitted that Brazil is the favorite to win the Cup. However, he recalled that the Cup is very short, and any surprise is possible. Parreira also reminded that France and Argentina arrived in Japan as favorites, but didn't get past the first stage. Zagallo, who is known for his long tongue, mentioned that "even Backenbauer and Platini already said that this Brazilian team is the biggest favorite of all World Cups".


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