Monday, May 15, 2006

Other Brazilians in the World Cup

Other players who have double nationality or who have naturalized in other countries will also be in Germany.

Marcos Senna, who defends Villarreal, will be with the Spanish team.

Alex, naturalized Japanese, will be in the uncorfortable position of defending Japan against Brazil, on June 22nd. Japan's coach is also Brazilian, Zico.

In Portugal, also a player, Deco (who defends Barcelona) and the coach, Luiz Felipe Scolari (world champion in 2002, coaching Brazil), are Brazilians.

Sinha, playing for Mexico, and Francileudo, playing for Tunisia, are also Brazilians.

In Costa Rica, the coach, Alexandre GuimarĂ£es, is Brazilian.

Other Brazilians who had chances to go to the Cup in Germany but will not: Kuranyi, in Germany; Clayton, in Tunisia, and Eduardo Silva, in Croatia.


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