Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Brazilian Staff

Besides the 23 players, the Brazilian staff in the World Cup includes:
  • Head of staff: Marco Polo del Nero
  • Supervisor: Americo Faria (the man with moustache, always beside Parreira in interviews, rarely says anything)
  • Coach: Carlos Alberto Parreira
  • Technical coordinator: Mario Jorge Lobo Zagallo. It works like this: Parreira and Zagallo talk to each other and to the players all the time; the final word about tactics, who plays or not, etc, is Parreira's, though. Also, diplomatic talks rest with Parreira, whereas emotional talks rest with Zagallo.
  • Technical assistants: Jairo Leal and Julio Cesar Leal (main job: observing the adversaries)
  • Physical training: Moracy Santana
  • Doctors: José Luis Runco (the same doctor from 2002; he gained reputation after his important role in the final recovery of Ronaldo), Serafim Borges and Rodrigo Lasmar
  • Trainer of goalkeepers: Wendel Ramalho (one of the goalkeepers who had been in the 1974 Germany World Cup).
  • Physiotherapist: Odir Souza
  • Security chief: Haroldo Castelo Branco
  • Relations with Press: Rodrigo Paiva
  • Guys who take care of uniforms: Antonio Assis and Rogelson Barreto
  • Masseur: Denir Silva

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