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Brazil in the World Cup 2006 - Germany

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The posts below were written in 2006, while Brazil was preparing to go Germany and during the actual World Cup.

July 2006:
»Juninho: older players had privileges
»Brazil Team faces hostility on return to Brazil
»Interview with coach Parreira, after Brazil was eliminated from World Cup 2006.

June 2006:
»France beats Brazil; Brazil is eliminated.
»Brazil beats Ghana.
»Brazil misses Felipćo, who was the coach in 2002 and returned in 2014.
»The most watched woman in Brazil, anchor of the most popular News program.
»Brazil beats Japan.
»Ronaldo is overweighted: he is weighting more than 100 kg.
»Brazil beats Australia.
»Brazil arrives.
»Brazil beats Croatia.
»Ronaldo says: President Lula drinks too much; a response to the President who said that Ronaldo is fat.

May 2006:
»Ronaldinho attracts fans in Switzerland »Brazilian banks to change opening hours, because clerks want to watch Brazil games.
»Brazil is ready for failure, says this journalist.
»Roberto Carlos visits president Lula.
»Everything ready in Weggis, where Brazil starts the preparation.
»Brazilian staff; who works in the team, besides the players and the coach.
»Survey: are Brazilians happy with the roster?
»Repercussion after announcement of roster.
»Brazil squad is announced.

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»Brazil in the World Cup 2006.