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November 24th, 2009

Several people have been accessing this blog looking for information about “jobs World Cup 2014″, “jobs Brazil 2014″ and other similar terms.

Probably the best way to get a job in Brazil during the World Cup is as a volunteer. All host countries of World Cups make a call for volunteers (see volunteer work in South Africa 2010); volunteers gain a lifetime experience, and FIFA gets cheap labor force.

Update: see information about the FIFA volunteer program.

brazil-logoIn Brazil, there will probably be a higher demand for volunteers than in past World Cups. And the reason is that Brazil has very few English (and other foreign languages) speakers, unlike South Africa (where many people have English as first language) or Japan/Korea and France (where there is a high number of educated people who speak foreigner languages).

The advantage of being chosen as volunteer by FIFA is that all volunteers will be granted a Visa to enter and stay in Brazil during the World Cup. And the Visa is a problem for those looking for a paid job in Brazil during the Cup.

Brazil, like most countries, don’t issue visas easily for people looking for jobs (see the legislation about visas to Brazil). Today, a foreigner only gets a work visa under special conditions (e.g., the job vacancy must be offered first to a Brazilian, and the contractor must prove that no national is capable of filling the job, etc).

However, this can change until 2014. Brazil is experiencing a very fast paced growth, and it is clear that Brazilian professionals will not be capable to fill all the jobs which require interaction with foreigner people (e.g., there are no Brazilian doctors capable of talking to foreign patients, there are no Brazilian lawyers capable of handling international laws).

There will probably be opportunities for foreigners to work in Brazil during the Cup, but this will demand changes in Brazilian immigration laws (to facilitate the issuing of work permits). FIFA will probably lobby in favor of such changes, as already happened with tax laws and visual pollution laws.

Only time will tell.

22 Responses to “Jobs in World Cup Brazil 2014”

  1. Fernanda Says:

    I am sorry but the person who wrote this article doesn’t know much about brazilian professionals. There are no Brazilian doctors capable of talking to foreign patients? There are no Brazilian lawyers capable of handling international laws? Please get your facts straight before writing in such a public and international website.
    Thank you.

  2. admin Says:

    There are *some* capable Brazilian professionals, but far from being enough to meet the demands of an event like the World Cup (about 500,000 international visitors expected).
    Go around cities like Fortaleza, Manaus, Cuiabá and try to find Any doctor who speaks English, you will see it is not an easy task; even in major cities like Sao Paulo or Rio, the ordinary tourist (who can’t afford the best hospitals) will have troubles finding an English speaking doctor.
    As for Brazilian lawyers, they seem to have troubles to learn even Portuguese: , let alone foreign languages.

    Thanks for your comment,
    This space is open for any of your opinion.

  3. GDS Says:

    So does anyone know how one goes about volunteering for FIFA 2014? Wait until it is posted as an opportunity on their website?

  4. admin Says:

    To work as volunteer for FIFA, yes, everybody will have to wait until after the end of 2010 World Cup; today, Brazil can’t even mention the World Cup 2014 in their marketing actions.

    There are other volunteer opportunities, but those are usually aimed towards helping poor people.

    See, for example, , and

  5. GDS Says:

    Excellent, thank-you for the response!

  6. jagir Says:

    i am electrical tec in saudi arabia so i can get a job in brazil

  7. admin Says:

    FIFA, CBF and the Brazilian Government will provide more details about job opportunities only after the World Cup 2010 is finished.

  8. Philip Petersen Says:

    I am currently a South African volunteer working for the City of Cape Town at the 2010 games in South Agrica. My dream had always been to witness a World Cup played in Brazil, and therefore I cannot wait to volunteer for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. I am looking forward to polish up my Portugese, for possible inclusion into the Volunteer Program for the 2014 games….. Please hurry up, so we can apply to work as volunteers. The excitement is driving me crazy!

  9. Jacob Says:

    Hey Philip,

    What exactly are you doing for the 2010 world cup in terms of volunteering? and how did you get the job? very curious, and you must be excited indeed! have fun

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  11. lsteenis Says:

    I am an American businesswoman, with my entire career in business development/sales/marketing. I am fluent in portuguese and am seeking advice of how to best identify companies that may offer work opportunities in Rio de Janeiro (or other host cities) starting now to the 2014 World Cup. I am open to relocate to Brazil, am well-traveled in Brazil, speak the language, and have very first hand knowledge of the Brazilian culture & ways ‘jeito do brasileiros”. Here in Dallas, for example, I am with Brazilians on a daily basis – working with and serving alongside Brazilians.

    I am seeking to work, and offer my bilingual and 25+ years of sales/marketing skills. Suggestion of how to connect with companies doing business in Brazil, or Brazilian companies hiring foreigners, would be most appreciated. Email:, or visit http://www.YourDallasHomeInfo for further contact information. Thank you e muito obrigada!

    VIVE BRASIL!! Copo do Mundo 2010 e 2014 tamben! Deus te abencoe.

  12. cvh4 Says:

    Wow i stumbled upon this blog, because i was searching for information about volunteering for the cup in 2014 but i couldn’t find anything on the official website, now i know why ;-)
    So this has been very helpfull, thanks!

    However, can anyone explain what kind of job you can do when volunteering?

    I speak fluent portuguese, and i would love to volunteer. Or a paid job, even better, but that might be difficult.. :P
    Although, in 2013 i will graduate from my study Media & Entertainment Management.

  13. riquel Says:

    I’m a huge soccer fan. Canadian nurse by trade. Speak Spanish fluently as I am from CHile. Have volunteered with the Pan AMerican games in soccer media. I want to volunteer really badly in 2014 so I hope this site can be helpful.

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    [...] is likely that there will be jobs and volunteering opportunities for the World Cup, but there is no further information [...]

  15. Dick Macalinao Says:

    It’s my dream to be part of the volunteer team for future FIFA World Cup. Hope to be part of it soon too…

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  18. IamLooking4aWorldCup2014Job Says:

    Hello to everybody! Greetings! I am also a brazillian living in the US but looking for an opportunity to work in the FIFA World Cup 2014 in brazil please let me know if you find anything :) My email address is Good luck to all of you looking for the same. I am also a trilingual (English-Portuguese-Spanish) with no problems in traveling back and for worth. Thanks

  19. karinamribeiro Says:

    Hi my name is Karina. I was wondering if you had any information for Brazilian citizens, living in the the US as American citizens. I was born in Brazil but came to the US when I was almost two years of age; I am fluent in both languages, and I can also speak Spanish. I came across this website searching for job opportunities FIFA may have offer to Brazilian-US citizens. If you or anyone have any information, or know of anywhere where I could find out more about this please e-mail me at: Thank you! :)

  20. Atila Peçanha Says:

    I was wondering about jobs that are now desperately needed in the areas of MARKETING, SALES AND ORGANISATION. It is obvious that an event this size need peolpe in these areas from the onset – withouth whom the project does not become a reality.

    We have not seen a SINGLE ad for such jobs, which lead me to think that they are all in the hands of politicians’s families, friends and lovers – as happens all the time in Brazil.

    These jobs should be clearly advertised as an “equal opportunity job”.

    For this and many other reasons, I am sure the WC in Brazil will be a tremendous flop.

  21. ackland1979 Says:

    I am an Australian but I lived in Brasil for 20 years, I speak Portuguese fluently as I did all of my schooling in Brasil. Also I still have good friends in Brasil so accommodation would not be a problem for me. I am graduated in Tourism and sales. Actually I used to live in one of the cities that will have some of the games, I lived in Curitiba. This would be a great opportunity for me.

  22. Hugo Says:

    Boa Tarde,

    Sou Portugues, Natural de Lisboa e actualmente residuo em Manchester, UK.
    Sou multi-linguista e terminei o meu curso em Negocio-Internacional recentemente.
    Falo, leio e escrevo fluentemente em Portugues, Espanhol e Ingles.
    De momento desempenho funcoes comerciais para uma companhia francesa localizada em Inglaterra mas estou interessado em visitar o Brazil e acredito que o Mundial podera ser uma excelente oportunidade para o fazer.

    Good Afternoon

    I’m Portuguese and my hometown is Lisbon,
    I currently live in Manchester, England.
    I finished my Degree in International business strategy recently and i speak, read and write fluently in Portuguese, Spanish and English.
    I also have a good insight on all the other Latin-Based Languages such as French, Italian and Romenian.
    At the moment i work for an International Premium company based in the England althou im contemplaiting a trip to Brazil and i believe there couldn’t be a better chance than the World Cup.

    - Im experienced dealing with the public
    - Polite and Corteous
    - Well presented
    - Dynamic and able to maintain a daily operation

    I will contemplate and analyse any professional offer.

    Find me @:

    Muito Obrigado

    Em frente Brazil!

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