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Marcos, goalkeeper of 2002, retires

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

Marcos, goalkeeper of the Brazilian team who won the World Cup 2002, announced his retirement, at age 38. He retires after a career of 20 years, playing only for one team: Palmeiras; the team informed that no other player will wear jacket #12, the one Marcos used to wear; also, there plans of building an statue of Marcos to be planted at the stadium of Palmeiras.

That Brazilian team of 2002 had a few stars, mostly Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Rivaldo.

However, I dare to say that Brazil would not be champion if Marcos weren’t there.

He didn’t appear much in the first games, because Brazil had a good defense (this is the specialty of the then Brazilian coach, Felipão), with Lucio and Juan in the back, Gilberto Silva, Kléberson and Edmílson in the middle defense.

However, in the tough moments, Marcos was there. Brazil won Belgium (see here and here), but when the match was 0 x 0, Marcos made spectacular defenses. And, most important, in the final match against Germany, also when the match was 0 x 0, again Marcos was there; had the Germans scored first, they would probably win.

Winning a World Cup depends on details; in 2002, the winning detail of Brazil was Marcos.

Marcos was never a media star, CBF won’t organize a farewell match, like it did for Ronaldo; but Marcos had the recognition of all Brazilians, for being a good goalkeeper with and excellent character.

Brazil wins Sub 20 South America

Monday, February 21st, 2011

This blog has been a little abandoned lately, and the reason for such had been forewarned by FIFA’s General Secretary almost a year ago: Brazil only starts to work after Carnival (and in 2011 the Carnival will be from 5th through 8th March).

Little happened these past few months (this latest status is still up to date). The news about the World Cup 2014 are more in the negative side than the positive one. To mention a few: Sao Paulo is still struggling to define which stadium will host matches in the city; the new President Dilma Rousseff announced a R$ 50 billion cut in the federal budget, and the effects on the World Cup works are still to be known.

But there is a good news: Brazil was the champion of the South America Cup for players Under 20; Brazil won Uruguay by 6×0 on February 13th. Below, the goals.

By winning, the team guaranteed a place in the Olympic Games of 2012 in London; there, they will be joined by other more experienced players, for the limit age to participate in the Olympics is 23.

What was the champion team? Actually, I looked around the internet for the line-up of the team, but I couldn’t find. There is a consensus, though, that the main Brazilian players were Lucas, from Sao Paulo FC, and Neymar, from Santos FC, both aged 18.

Neymar wasn’t a surprise; in 2010, there was a clamour in favour of  the participation of Neymar and his co-player Ganso in the South Africa Cup.

Lucas, on the other hand, was unknown to most until recently; his good performances earned him the privilege of getting more attention from coach Mano Menezes.

Brazil will not play Qualifying for the World Cup 2014, so the team must take advantage of tournaments to assess its potential. So far, the principal team lost the only two important matches played, namely against Argentina and against France.

Things are not looking very bright.

Neymar stays in Brazil

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

A few weeks ago, Neymar, player of Santos FC and a rising star of the Brazilian team, had offers to move to Chelsea; a few days ago, Neymar declared that he would decline Chelsea’s offer and would stay in Brazil.

Was Neymar naive? Far from it.

According to rumours (leaks?), Chelsea offered to pay £55,000 per week, which converts to about R$ 600,000 per month. While Neymar was carefully thinking over it, Santos FC was looking for sponsors who would help pay his salary.

Neymar had a raise, and now his salary will be R$ 600,000 per month (only Ronaldo, in Corinthians, has a higher salary in Brazil – R$ 1 million per month); in January 2010, his salary had been raised to R$ 125,000; in March 2009, he had had a raise to R$ 80,000. Probably the quickest raise in Brazilian football, ever.

Besides, Santos will now provide assistance to his family (Neymar’s sister was promised a job). And, of course, in the near future, Neymar will appear in the National Team, with all the merchandising fruits that it bears; even being ruled out from the World Cup 2010, Neymar starred several commercials in Brazil – including giants Nike (movie below), Seara (food processor, one of the FIFA partners) and Telefónica, among others.

What would he get by going to Chelsea? Salary would be the same. Merchandising opportunities would be fewer. And worse of all, Neymar doesn’t speak any English, he never left the country, he never had contact with the formality, the punctuality, the food of Britain, and would face serious troubles to adapt to Chelsea; for these same reasons, Neymar’s friend, Robinho, was not nearly as successful in England as he was in Brazil (by the way, Robinho declared that he wished to stay in Santos, and only returned to Manchester City to comply with his contract).

It was a clever decision.

Mano Menezes calls up Brazil Team

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Mano Menezes, the new coach of Brazil, has just announced his first call up, for the match against the USA Team, in New Jersey, August 8th.

There are only four players who participated of the World Cup 2010: Robinho, Tamires, Thiago Silva and Daniel Alves. Ten players are first comers, including Neymar and Ganso.

The roster:

Goalkeepers: Renan (Avai FC), Jefferson (Botafogo) and Victor (Gremio).

Defense: Andre Santos (Fenerbahce), Daniel Alves (Barcelona), Marcelo (Real Madrid), Rafael (Manchester United), David Luis (Benfica), Henrique (Racing Santander), Rever (Atletico MG) and Thiago Silva (Milan).

Midfield: Jucilei (Corinthians), Lucas (Liverpool), Ramires (Benfica), Sandro (Internacional SC), Carlos Eduardo (Hoffenhein), Ederson (Lyon), Paulo Henrique Ganso (Santos FC), Hernanes (Sao Paulo FC).

Forward: Alexandre Pato (Milan), Andre (Santos FC), Diego Tardelli (Atletico MG), Neymar (Santos FC) and Robinho (Santos FC).

Update, August 10th 2010: Brazil won USA by 2 x 0, goals by Neymar and Pato; the media praised the new Brazilian team (see the New York Times).

The movie below shows the goals and the best plays of the game.

David Beckham hopes to play in Brazil in 2014

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Several sites (like this and this) reported today that English player David Beckham declared that he has hopes to play the World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

Beckham was born in May 1975, and will be aged nearly 40 in 2014. Beckham is famous for several reasons, including: he is one of the greatest idols in English football and the player with most caps in the English team (currently, 115 appearances); he played in some of the most important teams in the world, including Manchester United, Real Madrid and Milan (from 2007 to 2010, he played in American team Galaxy, which paid him loads of money – speaking of which, Beckham was the highest player in world in 2004); his wife Victoria Beckham was a famous singer.

Beckham’s hopes are far from reality. As himself admitted, it is probably that he will not be with England in the South Africa Cup 2010.

Besides serving the English Team, Beckham has other reasons to hope to come to Brazil. Beckham has business in Rio Grande do Norte, a State in the Northeast of Brazil (which is also one of the host cities of the World Cup 2014): he plans to have a football academy in a luxury resort to be built in that State – see notes about the Beckham Academy and his visit to Brazil.

However he comes, Beckham will be welcomed in Brazil.

Update, March 15th 2010: Beckham suffered an injury while playing in Milan and is out of the World Cup 2010.

Brazil is runner-up in Sub-20 World Cup

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

On October 16th, the Brazilian team was beaten by Ghana, and finished second of the FIFA Under 20 World Cup, which took place in Cairo, Egypt. After 120 minutes of match, none of the teams managed to score a goal; the decision was in penalties shoot-outs (Brazilians lost three penalties in a row).

The line-up of the Brazilian team in the final match was: Rafael, Douglas (Wellington Junior), Dalton, Rafael Tolói and Diogo; Renan (Maicon), Souza, Giuliano and Paulo Henrique (Douglas Costa); Alex Teixeira and Alan Kardec.
Alex Teixeira was awarded the silver ball of the tournament, and Giuliano was awarded the bronze ball.


As these players are all younger than 20, they will be younger than 25 by the time of the 2014 World Cup. So, it’s natural to think that some of these players will be in the Brazilian team of 2014.

None of them, however, seems to be a strong candidate for a star. None of them is an important player in their clubs.