Will Dunga take Neymar and Paulo Henrique Ganso to the World Cup 2010?

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May 2nd, 2010

Until the beginning of this year, Brazilians were wondering, just like the rest of the World, whether coach Dunga would take Ronaldinho to the World Cup in South Africa.

Over the past few weeks, things have changed in Brazil. Several of the State championships (all important clubs in Brazil play the State and the National championships) have reached and end. The final matches put under the spotlight the most important players in Brazil; in most States, none of the players performed particularly well.

In São Paulo, it was different. The champion was Santos FC; Santos played 19 matches, won 15, and scored 61 goals (see final standings).

The main players of Santos were Giovanni (who had played in the World Cup 1998), Robinho, and two youngsters: Paulo Roberto Ganso and Neymar.

Ganso (which translates as “goose”, in Portuguese), is a midfielder, aged 20; Neymar (see official site) is mid forward, aged 18.

Neymar is just a bit older than Pelé, when he was playing his first World Cup, in 1958. Many Brazilians say that Neymar should go to the Cup, for several reasons: he deserves a place; he could bring luck; he would start to be prepared to the World Cup 2014.

Pelé himself, for example, declared that Dunga should choose Neymar over Ronaldinho. Like Pelé, many Brazilians are asking Dunga to take Neymar to the Cup.

If Ronaldinho indeed doesn’t go to South Africa, Brazilians won’t miss him much.

Below, a semifinal match of the Sao Paulo championship, which finished Santos 8 x 1 Guarani; Neymar scored 5 goals.

For more comments in English about Neymar and Ganso, visit here and here.

While Neymar is the striker, Ganso is the maestro. Until today, Ganso hadn’t gain the same exposure as Neymar. Today, Ganso was the star: when Robinho and Neymar were already out (Santos had to complete the defence, since they were losing by 2 x 3, and had 3 players sent off), the coach commanded Ganso to leave.

The video above shows an interview with the coach,and at 1:30min Ganso appears, and clearly signifies that he refuses to leave.

ganso-neymarGanso indeed stayed, and was the main player of the game. Many say that Ganso gained a few extra points, probably enough to take him to South Africa.

Newspaper O Globo ran an online survey today, asking readers: should Dunda take Ganso and/or Neymar to the Cup?

More than 1600 people responded. More than 62% answered that both should go; 17% said that none should; only Ganso: 14%; only Neymar: 6%.

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