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December 7th, 2009

Yesterday, Flamengo became champion of the Brazilian league 2009, after beating Gremio in Maracanã.

Flamengo finished with 67 points; Internacional came second, with 65 points, followed by Sao Paulo (65), Cruzeiro and Palmeiras (both with 62 points).

Which players of these teams (or any other Brazilian team) could be present in the World Cup 2010? Very few.

The team of champion Flamengo in the final match was: Bruno, Léo Moura, David, Ronaldo Angelim and Juan; Airton, Toró (Everton), Willians and Petkovic (Fierro); Zé Roberto (Kléberson) and Adriano. Goals were scored by David and Ronaldo Angelim. Juan and Zé Roberto are not the same ones who played in Germany 2006; Kléberson is the same one who was champion in Japan Korea 2002.

The main stars of Flamengo were: Petkovic, aged 37, national from Serbia (which is not going to South Africa – ops, sorry, as a commentator correctly pointed, Serbians are going to SA); and Adriano, who played in Germany, but didn’t perform as expected (Adriano has chances of going to South Africa, but his direct competitors, Luis Fabiano and Nilmar, are doing just fine).

Adriano was the main striker of the championship, with 19 goals; he finished tied with Diego Tardelli (who also had brief passages in the National Team), from Atletico Mineiro.

In runner-up Internacional, the main player in the first half of the tournament was Nilmar, who was eventually transferred to Villareal, in Spain. In Sao Paulo FC, who was coming from a streak of three years in a row championship, highlights were Dagoberto, Hernanes (with brief recent passages in the National Team) and Washington, center forward who had heart problems a few years back and now seems fully recovered – but doesn’t stand any chance of being rostered for 2010.

In Palmeiras, the goalkeeper is still Marcos, one of the main responsibles (yet little recognized) for the championship in 2002. Other than him, Palmeiras had Diego Souza, who scored the most beautiful goal of 2009.

So, the Brazilian team of 2010 still relies heavily on players who perform in Europe.

2 Responses to “Flamengo, Brazilian champion 2009”

  1. David Says:

    Serbia are going to the world cup, they’re in Germany, Ghana and Australia’s group.

  2. rosarino Says:

    There are no guarantees of course and some of these players could be sold to foreign clubs before the World Cup but players like Victor, the Gremio goalkeeper, centerbacks Miranda of Sao Paulo and Rever of Gremio, left back Kleber of Internacional, midfielder Sandro of the same club, midfielders Diego Souza and Cleiton Xavier of Palmeiras and forwards Adriano of Flamengo and Diego Tardelli of Atletico Mineiro have all been selected recently by Dunga for the national team. Any of these domestically based players have an opportunity to make the team which will play in South Africa.

    Nice blog by the way. If this interests you or any of this blogs readers there also is a pretty good discussion of Brazilian domestic football and of the national team, as well as world football, on this message board:


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