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Hotels in Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco

Hotels in Pernambuco
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Nannai Beach Resort.
This charming resort sits by the beautiful, quiet, Muro Alto beach. Couples on honeymoon love the place. The wooden Polynesian-style bungalow have simple decor. The vast pool stretches to the guests' door.
Facilities include wet bar, boats, recreation team, football and tennis court, massage room, sauna.

Pousada Porto Verde. The decoration combines colors and regional motifs in a large plot of land with plenty of vegetation. The inn is in the heart of the village, but the sound of forró from the main street does not bother the guests.

Summerville Beach Resort. There are many leisure activities, including in the pool that stretches over a large part of the property. There is a recreation team that caters to children and adolescentes, a children's restaurant and a nursery.
There's also a "pillow menu" with over 10 choices of herb stuffing for the cushions; facilicites include a mini-golf course.

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