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Grand Prix Brazil

Brazilians have a passion for Formula One.
Brazil had three world champions: Emerson Fittipaldi, Nelson Piquet and Ayrton Senna; two other pilots won Formula One races: Jose Carlos Pace and Rubens Barrichello. Many other categories (both in Europe and USA) also usually see Brazilian winners. This page (in Portuguese only, registration required) lists, in the middle column, the names of all Brazilian pilots who ever run a Formula One Grand Prix.
This is the Yahoo! section in Portuguese about Formula One: Yahoo! Brazil Formula One; several amateurs and professionals write about races, pilots, statistics, etc.
The official site of the Grand Prix Brazil (in English) brings also plenty of information about History, organization and the ring (you can take a virtual lap around the ring) of Interlagos.
Since 1990, for business reasons, the race has been happening in Interlagos, Sao Paulo; during the 1980s, it happened in Jacarepagua, Rio de Janeiro. Interlagos is where most Brazilian pilots started their careers; Airton Senna, for example, used to live close to Interlagos, and whenever there were rainy clouds in the horizon, he practiced with his kart on the wet ring.
During the weekend of the Grand Prix, Sao Paulo is invaded by Formula One fans. Pilots and crews stay in the posh hotels, and backpackers from all over the country (also many Argentinians, who lost their GP a few years ago) stay in humbler places. Tickets may be sold out early, too.
Until 2003, the GP Brazil was early in the season. In 2004, it will happen on Oct. 24th, and will be the last race of the season. If the championship is still in dispute, the interest for the GP Brazil will certainly increase.
In 2003, a polemic last-minute law suspended the prohibition of marketing of tobacco on the cars; for 2004, the prohibition is still under discussion.

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