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Travel to Brazil - Ecological tourism

Not surprisingly, Brazil is very rich in ecological destinations.
The country is big both across and down; part of the country is in equatorial zone, most in intertropical zone, part is temperated; there are coastal, umid areas, and other dry areas in the interior lands; much of the country is sedimentary, bottom of ancient oceans, while other much is on top of geological recent formations.
All these factors put Brazil in a frame capable to render one of the most diversified ecological scapes in the world. The Brazilians more and more are discovering this treasure they own, which in turn is improving the quality of services offered in the destinations.
Below, some of the most visited ecological destinations in Brazil.

The Amazon
The biggest forest in the world

The Pantanal
Wetlands with one of the richest ecosystems in the world

Chapada Diamantina
State: Bahia.
A National Park; flat mountains with abrupt edges, in the middle of sertao.

Fernando de Noronha
State: off the coast. Closer city is Natal, Rio Grande do Norte.
National Marine Park, preserved ty the government and the population

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