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Travel to Brazil - Conversion of units

Brazil uses the MKS system of units (based on meters, kilograms and seconds).
The table below shows the most common conversions between Brazilian and American/British units.

1 meter3.2808399 feet 1 feet0.3048 meter
1 meter1.0936133 yard 1 yard0.9144 meter
1 centimeter0.3937008 inch 1 inch2.54 centimeter
1 kilometer0.6213712 mile 1 mile1.609344 kilometer
Weight and Mass
1 kilogram35.2739619 ounce 1 ounce0.0283495 kilogram
1 kilogram2.2046226 pound 1 pound0.4535924 kilogram
1 liter0.21996 gallon [UK] 1 gallon [UK]4.54609 liter
1 liter0.26417 gallon [US] 1 gallon [US]3.7854118 liter
Power and Energy
1 watt0.00134 horsepower 1 horsepower746 watt
1 kilowatt hour3,412 BTU 1,000 BTU0.2931 kilowatt hour

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