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Arriving to Amazonas and Manaus, Brazil

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Map of Amazonas
Map of Transportation in Amazonas Roads, ports, airports. Notice that some links are clickeable.
Conditions of federal roads in Amazonas. Up to date info. Click on the name of the road to read details about it. The BR-230 is the legendary Transamazonic. It was designed and built during the military government, in the 1970s, as an attempt to promote regional integration. This road goes from the south of Amazonas all the way to the city of Cabedelo, by the Atlantic Ocean, in the state of Paraíba. Because of lack of maintenance, large parts of the road have been reclaimed by the jungle; notice the large number of red alerts in the conditions report.
The other major road, Manaus-Porto Velho, was also built during the military period. Because of its economic importance (Porto Velho is an important supplier of beef and grains to Manaus), the road is under better conditions; however, the effects of the jungle are also visible.

Buses: the main bus station of Manaus is
Terminal Rodoviário Engº Huascar Angelim - Manaus
Endereço: av. Recife, s/nº    Tel.: (92) 642-5805    email:
Because of the insulation of the state and the bad conditions of roads, buses are not a much common means of transportation.
Eucatur operates routes from Manaus to Porto Velho (Rondônia), Boa Vista (Roraima) and Caracas (in Venezuela).

There are three commercial airports in Amazonas:
International Airport Eduardo Gomes, in Manaus. By far, the one with best infrastructure; this is one of the largest and busiest airports in Brazil. Manaus is a tax free zone; many products (e.g. electronics and motorcycles) are assembled in Manaus and re-exported, demanding cargo flights. Besides, a few flights to USA and Europe stop in Manaus. Also, Brazilians travelling to Manaus are subject to customs regulations, demanding the presence of public officers.
International Airport of Tabatinga, in Tabatinga. This city is in the triple border between Brazil, Colombia and Peru. It is not indicated in the map, but it is just half an hour driving from the city of Benjamin Constant, in the west end of the State.
Airport of Tefé, in Tefé

Ships: most lines are operated by private companies or individuals. Travel conditions vary very much; from private yatches, to large cruisers, to overloaded ferries with hundreds of locals. The distance from Manaus to Belém is 1713 km; this may take from a few days to a few weeks, depending on your carrier and on the direction of travelling (upstream or downstream).