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Universities in São Paulo, Brazil

Below, a list of universities and other superior learning institutions in the State of São Paulo, Brazil.
São Paulo is, by far, the State with the highest concentration of Universities in Brazil.

Public Universities

USP - Universidade de São Paulo. The best University in Brazil. Main campus is in the Universitary City in São Paulo; there are several faculties in the city and other campi in Bauru, Piracicaba, Pirassununga, Ribeirão Preto and São Carlos.
UNICAMP - Universidade de Campinas. Another State University included among the most respected in Brazil. Main campus in Campinas, about 100 km distant from the capital.
Universidade Federal de São Carlos. Federal University of São Carlos, industrial city about 250 km from the capital.
Universidade Federal de São Paulo. In the capital, São Paulo. Medical Sciences only.
Universidade Estadual Paulista. Another respected University maintained by the State Government. Campi in 23 cities, including the capital and most major cities of the State, like São José dos Campos, Bauru, Araraquara, Botucatu, Sorocaba, Ourinhos, Presidente Prudente, São Vicente, Franca, São José do Rio Preto and others.
ITA - Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica. Maintained by the Brazilian Air Force, this is one of the most respected school of Engineering in Brazil. Situated in São José dos Campos, ITA is the main responsible for the growth of the aerospace industry in Brazil.

Most Relevant Private Institutions

FEI - Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial. Faculty of Industrial Engineering. In São Bernardo do Campo, metropolitan area of Great São Paulo.
PUC Campinas. Catholic University. In Campinas.
PUC São Paulo. Catholic University. In the Capital.
University Mackenzie. In São Paulo.
São Paulo Universities. List compiled by Yahoo! Brazil.

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