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Internet Service Providers

The Brazilian legislation prohibits the telecommunication companies to operate in the internet access business. So, for example, Telemar, the biggest phone company in Brazil, can sell broad band access, but the client must also contract with an internet provider.
To learn more about ISPs in Brazil, visit Abranet (Brazilian Association of Internet Access Providers); site in Portuguese only.

Some of the biggest ISPs in Brazil are: UOL Universo On Line. This Brazilian group is probably the biggest portal in Portuguese language. Subscribers to UOL have access to most Brazilian magazines on-line.
AOL Brazilian branch of America On Line. Despite massive marketing, AOL is far from having a dominant position in Brazil
Terra Another big portal which also offers internet access. Terra was accused of unfair competition, because it belongs to the same group which owns Telefonica, a major phone company based in Sao Paulo

Competition for clients is fierce. UOL, which besides connection offers plenty of content, charges about R$30 per month for unlimited dial-up connection and full access to content; prices with other ISPs are similar.
Broadband access starts from about R$80 per month (prices vary according to the speed of connection), including a modem rent; however, the ISP must be paid separately. Check out Velox, the most popular broadband provider, to have a better idea about prices and other info.

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