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ACRE - Economy

The economy is heavily based on the exploration of natural resources.
The most important product is rubber, which was the main cause of the settlement of the State. As the rubber trees grow by the rivers, itīs along them that most cities were built. Most production comes from the area of the basin of the river Purus (eastern half of the State).
There is legal and illegal exploration of timber in Acre. Hunting and fishing are important subsistence activities of the local population.
Agriculture: there are small cultures of manioc, beans, sugar cane and rice, most for local consumption. Industry is also incipient.
Rio Branco, the capital, receives flights from a few cities. Also, some federal roads connect the capital to Porto Velho and Cuiaba, linking the State to the South of Brazil. Rivers are important means of transportation; because they flow near parallel courses, distances travelled can grow very large.

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