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Brazil will host the FIFA World Cup 2014.
Read the full text of the World Cup Law, which had to be passed to meet FIFA's demands

Brazil Constitution: translated, updated and commented

The following translation includes amendments until Constitutional Amendment 52, enacted on March 8th 2006. Read comments about the latest Amendments.
Constitution of Brazil

Remarks in purple are text of Amendments.

Remarks in blue, smaller prints, are comments by the webmaster.

Preamble The principles which inspired the Constituents.
Title I Articles 1 - 4. The Fundamental Principles.
Title II Articles 5 - 17. Individual and collective rights and duties.
Title III Articles 18 - 43. The Organization of State.
Title IV Articles 44 - 135. The Organization of Powers.
Title V Articles 136 - 144. The Defense of the State and of the Democratic Institutions.
Title VI Articles 145 - 169. Taxation and Budget.
Title VII Articles 170 - 192. The Economic and Financial Order.
Title VIII Articles 193 - 232. The Social Order.
Title IX Articles 233 - 250. General Constitutional Provisions
Temporary Constitutional Provisions Act & Representatives Articles 1 - 90. Also, the names of all Representatives

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