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Copa do Brasil 2004 - Santo Andre wins

On June 30th, Santo Andre, a not very well known team from Sao Paulo, beat favorite Flamengo and became champion of the Copa do Brasil 2004. The final match was in Maracana, with Santo Andre scoring an undisputable 2 x 0; in the first match, played in the Santo Andre stadium, there had been a tie in 2 x 2.
Santo Andre won also a place in the Libertadores de America 2005; before reaching the finals against Flamengo, Santo Andre had won other favorites, like Atletico-MG and Palmeiras.
The result was a big surprise. Santo Andre is not even in the first division of the Brazilian championship; Santo Andre plays in the Sao Paulo State championship, but was never champion. Now, it remains to be seen if, like their neighbour Sao Caetano (both Santo Andre and Sao Caetano are cities in the metropolitan area of Sao Paulo), the team of Santo Andre will continue growing, or if this was just a fluke.
The official name is Esporte Clube Santo Andre; not only football, the team provides several modalities of sports and entertainment to the city. The official website is, and the football section is here.

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