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Brazilian Academy of Literature

Rio de Janeiro International Book Fair. The largest event of this kind in Brazil.

Brazilian Writers

Machado de Assis The greatest Brazilian writer of all times

Paulo Coelho One of the best selling authors in the world

Books about Brazil

Brazil A fiction based on Brazil´s History. From the NYT Books Review: "This is not a caricature of Brazil, a country of endless carnival and happy samba dancers. Brazil offers a painless introduction to a country and people whose development has a sweep and drama similar to our own. One of Mr. Uys’s characters stands out above all the others: Amador Flores da Silva, a fictional creation intended to embody the virtues and many vices of the bandeirantes, the semi-savage “flag bearing” pioneers who opened up the Brazilian interior to “civilization.” Flores da Silva is a complicated figure, ashamed of his mixed Indian and Portuguese background, driven by an insatiable curiosity and possessing a tenacity that enables him to survive one adversity after another. He is a man capable of hunting down a close companion with whom he spent years fighting Indians in the Amazon and also ordering the execution of his own son for disobedience on an expedition, but his overwhelming vitality makes him compelling and even sympathetic on occasion"

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