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In 1978, the newspaper O Lampião is published for the first time; it would become the most important media of the homossexual society in Brazil. In 1979, in Sao Paulo, the first group of organized homossexuals is formed: the SOMOS (somos, in Portuguese, is somewhat equivalent to 'we are' in English). It was soon followed by Somos/Rio de Janeiro, Atobá/Rio de Janeiro, Triângulo Rosa (Pink Triangle)/Rio de Janeiro, Gay Group of Bahia, Dialogay in Sergipe, Um Outro Olhar (Another Look) in São Paulo, The Dignity Group in Curitiba, Gay Group of Amazonas, Lesbic Group of Bahia, Nuances in Porto Alegre, Arco Iris in Rio de Janeiro. Today, there are approximately gay 70 groups and associations scattered all around the country.
In 1995, the 17a. International Lesbian and Gay Association took place in Rio, Brazil. Every year there is a National Meeting of Gays, Lesbians and Transsexuals, along with several regional meetings and local events.
This text was adapted from a page at, an informative gay e-zine.

Grupo Arco Iris In Portuguese only. The site is asking for help to have the site translated into English (visit the site to see more about this).
The name means Rainbow Group. It's dedicated to the defense of the rights of gays.

Guia Gay Brazil This guide lists establishments (hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, etc) which are gay and lesbian friendly. Some comments are in three languages (Portuguese, English, Spanish). Specific information for several major Brazilian cities.
If you're looking for gay friendly accomodation, another very useful site is Gay Guide of Hotels

Mix Brazil A magazine with news about the gay life in Brazil (in Portuguese only). Articles, comments on past and forth coming events, health, laws, etc.

GLS Celebrities This page lists 100 personalities, gay or lesbians, which had impact in Brazilian History.

Read also: São Paulo Gay Parade; with over 2 million participants, it´s one of the largest in the world.

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