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Brazilian Tax Burden - 2003

Tax burden decreases for the first time since 1996

Federal Revenue Service that the revised Brazilian tax burden of 2003 was 34.88% of GNP; the year before, it had been 35.53% of GNP.
A previous report had announced a tax burden of 35.68% of GNP for 2003, but as IBGE revised the value of GNP, the burden was diminished. Federal Revenue Service informs that this is the first time since that there was a reduction in tax burden. One reason to explain the decrease is that in 2002 there was a large amount of non-permanent revenues, paid mostly by the Retirement Savings Funds.
Brazil is still the Latin American country with the highest tax burden. The Brazilian burden is close to the average of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries, which was 36.9% in 2002.

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