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Brazilian Economy: GNP, GNP per capita, Economic Sectors

The Federal Revenue Agency published this paper about basic facts about Brazilian Economy.
The report says that, in 2001, the Brazilian Gross Domestic Product (GDP) reached approximately R$ 1,184 billion, equivalent to US$ 503 billion (NOT adjusted by Purchasing Power Parity); by economic sector, Brazilian economy was so distributed: 7.5% Primary Sector (agriculture and cattle raising), 35.8% Industry and 56.7% Services.
The Brazilian economically active population was estimated at 76 million people. GDP per capita, averaged over the entire country, was R$ 5,648; however, big differences are observed between the rich Southeast (R% 7,706) and the poor Northeast (R$ 2,603).

Visit this page of Brazilian Central Bank to obtain time series of several economic indicators related to the real economy.

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