Saturday, September 30, 2006


Major Air Accident in Brazil

On September 29th 2006, an air accident occurred in Brazil, which may have been the deadliest ever in the History of the country.

A Boeing 737-800 (the most modern version of 737) took off from Manaus heading to Brasília. At cruising altitude, there was a collision with a jet Legacy, an executive jet made by Brazilian aerospace company Embraer. The Legacy had just rolled out from Embraer, and was being flown by the new owner to the USA.

After the collision, the Legacy was still able to land.
The Boeing crashed into ground, killing 159 passengers and 6 crew.
This was the deadliest air accident in Brazil. Previously, in 1982, a 747 crashed near the city of Fortaleza and killed 137 people.

The airliner involved in the accident, Gol (the Portuguese for goal), is currently the second biggest carrier in Brazil.
The company was founded a few years ago, and is the first in Brazil to operate in the low-cost low-fare sector. Gol keeps a fleet of uniform aircrafts, to save in maintenance; Gol had only 737-700 until recently, and is changing to more modern 737-800.

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