Monday, January 30, 2006


Weekly Magazines

Veja: "Free, at last"
This year, Brazil will become self sufficient in the production of petroleum. After Petrobras lost the constitutional monopoly in 1998, its productivity increased. Today, Brazil consumes about 1.8 million barrels a day.
The article also mentions the success of the Brazilian program of alcohol (ethanol) fuel. Brazilian car makers developed an engine which works with either gasoline or alcohol; last year, 80% of Brazilian cars rolled out with this kind of engine, called Flex.
The Brazilian Alcohol program is so successful that, this week alone, it received mentions by George Bush and Bill Gates, and caused Page and Brin, Google founders, to visit an alcohol mill in Brazil.

Bruna surfistinha
Epoca: "Bruna and her tribe"
A call girl called Bruna Surfistinha (Bruna, the little surfer) created a blog where she published details of datings with clients (no personal details are revealed).
The blog became successful, and Bruna published a book with the story of her life (the book also became a best-seller).
Now, thanks to Epoca, everyone knows that Bruna was a middle class girl, raised by an adoptive family, who fought her step father over the use of drugs and left home.
Visit Bruna The Surfer blog.

(see Bruna blog).

Epoca's article also shows that this is a growing trend in Brazil. While in the past only poor girls resorted to prostitution, nowadays many middle class girls become escort girls so as to get money to pay for their small luxuries.

Isto E: "Surgeries without suffering"
Article about how the progress of science is diminishing the suffering of patients who go through surgeries.

Monday, January 23, 2006


Weekly Magazines

Isto É: "The Electoral Race is On".

The magazine writes about the most important candidates to President in 2006. The cover shows photos of Lula (President of Republic), José Serra (mayor of São Paulo), Geraldo Alckmin (governor of São Paulo), Anthony Garotinho (ex-governor and husband of current governor of Rio de Janeiro), Heloisa Helena (Senator), Germano Rigotto (governor of Rio Grande do Sul) and Nelson Jobim (Justice of the Supreme Court).

Época 401: "Wikipedia: the biggest encyclopedia in the world, for free".
A report about wikipedia.

Veja 1940: "Virtual Cheating"
Article about how Brazilian men and women are using the internet to cheat their partners. Many times, the affair is only virtual (physical contact never happens); Veja analyses the impact of these affairs on the lives of the couples involved.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Central Bank cuts interest rate

Central Bank of Brazil cut basic interest rate in 75 basis points.
The Selic now is 17.25%

Monday, January 16, 2006


Weekly Magazines

Veja 1939: "Duda did, Duda does".
Duda Mendonça crimes
A report about Duda Mendonça, the publicist who coordinated, among others, the campaign of President Lula to Presidency in 2003.
Last year, Duda admitted that he received money from the Worker's Party (over $ 10 million) in an offshore account without due declaration, which is a crime, both on his side and the Party side.
Now, Veja reveals that Duda may have a much more important role in a possible scheme of corruption involving PT and the government. Veja says that Duda's agencies received much more money than their marketing work (Duda gained big contracts with Petrobras, Health Minister and others) would justify; the extra money would be product of corruption within government. Veja says that part of this money returned to the Worker's Party, without proper declaration; this money could have been used, for example, by Delúbio Soares and Marcos Valério to corrupt legislators.
Veja also investigated the personal finances of Duda Mendonça, and concluded that his assets grew at a noticeable quick rate after President Lula became President.

Isto É: "Itaipu: US$ 2 billion not accounted".
Itaipu is the biggest hydroelectric plant in Brazil, and one of the biggest in the world. It is a joint venture between the governments of Brazil and Paraguay. Because it is bi-national, its accounting and controlling are conducted in a different way from other Brazilian state owned companies; for example, TCU, the Brazilian counterpart of the General Accounting Office, doesn't have full access to Itaipu accounts.
Isto É interviewed an ex-Finances Manager of Itaipu. He declared that, since 1991, there has been a parallel book account, not declared to any authority, with registers of about US$ 2 billion in 2005. This State owned money is not controlled by anynone but a few Directors; no tax is paid on transactions with this money.

Época 400: "Inside Opus Dei".
An article about the secrets of Opus Dei in Brazil, defined by Epoca as "the most powerful and influential organization within Catholic Church"; this is the Brazilian version of Opus Dei.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Lothar Matthaus to coach Brazilian team

It has been confirmed that German retired player Lothar Matthaus will be the coach of Atlético Paranaense, a team in the State of Paraná, Brazilian champion in 2001 and vice-champion in 2004. Atlético has one of the best management in Brazilian football, and the stadium, Arena da Baixada, is the most modern in Brazil.
The news came as surprise. Other foreigner coaches have worked in Brazil, but most came from South American countries. It is the first time that a famous European sportsman comes to work in Brazil.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Brazilian General commits suicide in Haiti

General Urano Teixeira da Matta Bacellar was found dead, shot by a gun, on Saturday January 7th 2006 in Haiti.
Gal. Bacellar was the commander of the Brazilian Peace Forces in Haiti.
Forensic doctors confirmed that the General committed suicide. He put the gun in his mouth and shot.
Other officials say that the General was showing symptoms of depression; not many details were revealed. The Brazilian Army, as expected, says that all officers and soldiers are ready to fulfill their duties.

The Brazilian Army attended a UN request to send a Peace Force to Haiti. Many criticized the decision, arguing that the Brazilian government should have the internal problems at a higher priority. Others say that this was a manoeuver by the Brazilian Diplomacy to pave the way for Brazil to gain a seat in the Security Council at the UN.

Fact is that the complaints by the soldiers have been growing much lately. Off record, officers say that the Brazilian government is not sending enough financial or human support. The situation in Haiti is not getting any better, because the country doesn't even have an official government (elections are due in February). The problem in Haiti is not of military nature, like in Iraq, and thus can not be solved by Armies; the problem in Haiti is of social nature, and requires other kind of intervention to be solved.

Monday, January 09, 2006


Weekly Magazines

Juscelino KubitschekEpoca 398: "JK: Dream and Illusion"
This year, it will be 50 years after President Juscelino Kubitschek took office as President of Brazil, and 30 years after his death.
JK, as he is known, was one of the most popular Brazilian Presidents ever. During his government, Brazil experienced a quick growth (JK's motto was "to grow 50 years in 5"). JK was important for the industrialization of the country (he invited important car makers to establish in Brazil), and was the main responsible for the construction of Brasilia.

Now, the media is taking a look at the other side of JK. A series in popular Brazilian TV Globo will be focused on his personal life (he was married, but popular with women). Economists say that Brazil paid and is still paying for JK's dreams; Brasilia, for example, was paid with funds from Security Savings, and that is the root of the deficits Brazilian have to cover today.

Juscelino is also on the cover of Isto É, with the headline: "JK: why the myth survives".

Veja 1398: "Good for the Brain". The magazine investigates the influence of modern appliances, such as videogames, computers, etc, on the mental development of children.

Monday, January 02, 2006


Weekly Magazines

SmileEpoca 398: "Smile"
The magazine publishes an article about how Smiling can help you have a better life along the new year of 2006.

Veja and Isto É do not publish issues at the first week of the year.

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