Friday, July 15, 2005


São Paulo wins Libertadores da América

São Paulo Futebol Clube won yesterday the Libertadores da América, most important tournament in Latin America.
São Paulo won Atlético Paranaense by 4 x 0; this was the first time ever that two Brazilian teams reached the finals of the tournament.
This is the third time that São Paulo won; it had been champion in 1992 and 1993; on those two other occasions, the team also became world champion. This year, São Paulo will go to Tokyo with the champions of the other continents, to decide which one is the best team in the world.


President Lula visited France

Lula in FrancePresident Lula visited France during three days, where he participated of the celebrations of the 14th July, French National Day.
The photo was published by French newspaper Liberation. According to Liberation, Lula hasn´t worked miracles, but is keeping, even if at a slow pace, the promises he made during the campaign; the paper says also that the recent denounces of corruption are compromising Lula´s abilities to promote further reforms. Read what Liberation wrote about Lula.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Receita Federal and Policia Federal raid luxury shop

DasluToday, federal tax auditors and police raided Daslu, the poshest fashion shop in Brazil.
The owner never disguised: their shop cattered only for the richest people in Brazil. Only the best international brands were sold. Prices were high, even for international standards. They recently moved from a rich vicinity in São Paulo to a new building, with 20,000 square meters.

Police accused the owner, Eliana Tranchessi (photo), of dodging taxes and frauding importation. She was put under temporary arrest.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Despite the scandal, Lula´s ratings rise

Results of a survey conducted by Institute Sensus published today show that President Lula is not being affected by the recent scandals.
The survey was conducted between 5th and 7th July and interviewed 2,000 people.

Lula´s Government was rated as "positive" by 40.3% of the interviewed people, up from 39.8% in May; personal approvation of President Lula is at 59.9% in July, up from 57.4% in May.
For 47.8% of people interviewed, President Lula has been acting in accordance with his duties; for 31.9%, he is not.
More than 77% have heard about the Post Office scandal, and more than 76% have heard about the Congress scandal (of those, 67% believe that Roberto Jefferson is telling the truth).

So, who is to blame, if not the President? For 35.4%, the Congress is responsible for the scandals; and for 31.2%, the Worker´s Party is the main responsible for the scandals.

Read what the Financial Times published about this survey.

Monday, July 11, 2005


Weekly Magazines

Isto É #1865: the Probing Comission is set on fire
Epoca #373: Worker´s Party going down

Brazil LulaVeja #1913 brings a question on the cover: Did He Know?
The following reports were published by Veja this week:

1) A recent survey shows that 55% of Brazilians think that President Lula knew at least something of what was going around him
2) An advisor of the Worker´s Party was arrested with R$ 200,000 and US$ 100,000 in cash (Brazilian legislation says that anyone travelling with more than R$ 10,000 must report to the Revenue Service). Such advisor works in Ceará, in the office of one of the brothers of José Genoíno, ex-President of Worker´s Party
3) José Genoíno resigned to the Presidency of the Worker´s Party last Friday; before him, Delúbio Soares, the treasurer, and Silvio Pereira, general secretary, had also resigned. The three of them had been accused by Roberto Jefferson of coordinating the mensalão (monthly payments to Deputies, in exchange of votes)
4) the son of President Lula was caught in a strange business transaction with a major company. Fabio Luis Lula da Silva, with a majoring in Biology, gathered with friends to found a tech company in 2003; during the period of Lula´s government, Fabio sold a participation of his company to giant Telemar, the biggest telecom company in Brazil. According to Veja, the following points are strange: Fábio had no previous knowlegdge on this field; his company sold for almost R$ 5 million; the transaction used a few accountancy tricks to hide the operation.

A word which has been avoided is now starting to show on the pages of the major magazines: impeachment.


Minister of Education to quit

Tarso Genro is going to quit his position as Minister of Education to assume the Presidency of the Worker´s Party.
Over the past few days, ex-President José Genoino, ex-treasurer Delubio Soares and ex-Secretary Silvio Pereira resigned from the Worker´s Party; they are all accused of collecting illegal money and bribing Deputies.

Tarso Genro decided to quit the Government and assume the Party.
Tarso was already the second Minister of Education of Lula´s government. The first Minister, Cristovam Buarque, an eminent educator, was sacked from the government for having had disagreements with ex-Minister José Dirceu; mr. Buarque stayed less than one year.
The new Minister is still to be defined; temporarily, Secretary Ronaldo Teixeira will take over.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Brazil Volley Team wins World League

On July 10th, Brazil beat Servia Montenegro to win the World League of Volleyball.
Now, the Brazilian team is champion of the Olympics, the World Cup, and three times in a row champion of the World League.
Brazil line-up: Ricardinho, André Nascimento, Rodrigão, Gustavo, Giba, Dante and Serginho; substitutes: Anderson and Marcelinho.
Brazilian coach is Bernardinho, probably the Brazilian who best fit into Intel´s President Andy Grove´s definition: only the paranoid survive. Bernardinho is known to put the team to train even during stop overs of international flights (and he drives the van himself).

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