Thursday, June 30, 2005


Another scandal: Furnas

In another interview, Roberto Jefferson came up with another accusation.

This time, Jefferson said that the board of Furnas, a major electricity generator company, is envolved in illegal operations.
According to Jefferson, the Directors of Furnas, appointed by Political Parties, had to collect R$ 3 million monthly. This money was split in the following way: 1 million to the National Worker´s Party, R$1 million to the Regional Worker´s Party in Minas Gerais, 0.5 million to the Directors, and 0.5 million to a group of Federal Deputies.
Today, a few hours after the interview was published, the Government fired the Directors who are being accused.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Brazil is champion of Confederation Cup

Brazil beat Argentina by 4 x 1 to become Champion of the Confederation Cup, in
Brazil wins Confederation CupGermany (Brazil had already won this cup in 1997, in Saudi Arabia).
Coach Carlos Alberto Parreira tried out a new line up for this tournament, based on four players: Ronaldinho, Robinho, Kaka and Adriano. Robinho is still playing in Brazil, but is soon to leave to Real Madrid; Adriano, who plays in Italy, confirmed his status of one of the most important Brazilian players today.
Three important Brazilian players didn´t come to Germany: Cafu, Roberto Carlos (dismissed by the coach) and Ronaldo (who was called by the coach but asked to be dismissed, which created an awkward situation).

Monday, June 27, 2005


Weekly magazines

All three weekly magazines, again, published reports about the Federal scandal.

IstoÉ came up with the most contundent news: Valério Marinho, the man accused by Roberto Jefferson of carrying loads of money around to pay bribe to legislators (on behalf of the Worker´s Party), used to withdraw large amounts of cash (over R$ 100,000.00 each time) from his bank. Valério withdrew a combined amount of more than R$ 20 million (about US$ 8 million).

Valério argues that he used the money to buy premium cows and horses for his farms; according to him, farmers didn´t take checks, so he had to bring cash.

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