Friday, June 24, 2005


Inflation target for 2007 is 4.5%

The Monetary Council defined yesterday that the inflation target to be seeked by the Central Bank is 2007 is 4.5%.
The Council also confirmed that the target for 2006 is also 4.5%.

Thursday, June 23, 2005


More troubles for the Government

1) The Supreme Court ruled that a Probing Comission to investigate the Waldomiro affair. The oposition parties collected the number of signatures to start the Comission, but the government supporting parties avoided its effective instalation by not appointing the members.
2) A Federal Deputy, Raquel Teixeira, currently on leave, confirmed before a Comission that she was offered R$ 30 thousand to change Party; the proposal came from Sandro Mabel, who is accused by Roberto Jefferson of being one of the leaders of the bribing scheme which operated in the Congress.
3) Maurício Marinho, the employee of the Postal Service who was filmed accepting a bribe, also spoke in Congress and, despite denying he was a criminal, suggested that there is corruption in other areas of the Postal Service company. His accusations involve Luiz Gushiken, Minister of Communication and Public Relations of Lula´s government.
4) Ex-Minister José Dirceu returned to the Federal Camara, and his first speech was far from being peaceful. The Worker´s Party brought many sympathizers to the plenarium of the Camara to give support to Dirceu. Some opposition Deputies said that Dirceu and government were corrupt. There were corporal agressions.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Dilma Rousseff is the new Chief of Staff

Dilma Rousseff is the new Chief of Staff, replacing ex-Minister José Dirceu.
Since the start of Lula´s Government, Mrs. Rousseff had been the Minister of Energy. Before joining the federal Government, Mrs. Rousseff had been Secretary of Finances and Secretary of Energy of the State of Rio Grande do Sul.

Mrs. Rousseff was an activist during the dictatorship period. She belonged to a few extreme leftist group, which employed guns to combat the military government. She was arrested in 1970, she was submitted to torture, she spent three years in jail.

Analysts say that Mrs. Rousseff, as Chief of Staff, will put efforts into improving the administrative performance of the government, pushing ahead projects of infrastructure which are halted today. Mrs. Rousseff will not deal with the political management, which used to take a good time of José Dirceu; President Lula himself shall assume the political articulation.

Read what Reuters wrote about changes in Brazilian Government.

Monday, June 20, 2005


Weekly magazines

As expected, all three major weekly magazines mention the scandal in Government.

Veja brings an artistic photo of President Lula and the question: "Can it be fixed?". According to the magazine, Lula´s reputation, cultivated during more than two decades, was severely damaged by the recent accusations; Veja wonders if there is any way to fix the damages.

IstoÉ brings a photo of José Dirceu and the title: "Now, it´s War". José Dirceu is going back to the Chamber of Deputies. Dirceu himself said that, in Congress, he will have more freedom to defend the Party and the Government.

Época investigated the recent life of João Carvalho Genu. Genu is an close advisor of José Janene, leader of the Popular Party, accused by Roberto Jefferson of being involved in commerce of votes. Época shows the spetacular growth of Genu´s wealthiness, at the same time that he was the Treasurer of his Party.

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