Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Popularity of the government falls

Sensus Institute released a survey yesterday showing that the popularity of the Government and the popularity of the President fell in May, for the third month in a row.
These surveys are interesting because Sensus performs interviews periodically, even when there are no elections coming; other institutions condut surveys, but only in electoral times or when there is a major political event.

Results of the Sensus survey:
President Lula had approval of 65.4% in December, 66.1% in February, 60.1% in April, 57.4% in May.
The Government had approval of 44.5% in December, 42.6% in February, 41.9% in April, 39.8% in May.
Survey showed also that, if elections were held today, President Lula would be re-elected.
It is interesting to see that the approval of the President has been way above the approval of his government; the difference used to be smaller in 2003, right after Lula took office, but has been only growing.

Visit the website of Sensus Insitute for more details.

Monday, May 30, 2005


São Paulo Gay Parade

The São Paulo Gay Parade had, according to the organizers, 2.5 million attendants.
Observers from the Guiness Book were present and, if confirmed, these figures will make the São Paulo event the largest GLS Parade in the world.

The Parade was absolutely peaceful, like in previous years. It is estimated that 700,000 tourists visited the city.
Several booths were assembled to collect signatures in favor of a draft of law which legalizes the civil union between persons of the same genre. Such draft already exists, but it´s dormant in the Congress; if 1,200,000 signatures are collected, the draft will gain priority, and will have to be voted sooner.


Weekly magazines

faith is healtyIsto É #1859 coverpage is: "Faith is healthy".
"Whichever the religion, doctors and scientists admit that spiritual practices help prevent and heal several diseases like hypertension, depression and even cancer".

Época #367 brings the results of a survey showing the profile of the Brazilian today. Based on a few other regional surveys, this work comments on the habits of Brazilians, regarding work, leiseure, love and sex, etc.

the Bomb ManThe cover of Veja #1907 reads "The Bomb Man".
That is a reference to Roberto Jefferson, Federal Deputy, suspicious of being involved with a network of corruption inside the Federal government.
Veja brings new charges against Jefferson; besides the Post Office, Jefferson would have people acting illegaly in the Brazilian Re-Insurance Institute.
Veja also suggests that not only the PTB, Party of Jefferson, but also the very Worker´s Party (Party of the President Lula) would be involved with corruption. The name Bomb Man is a reference to the destructive power that Jefferson (and whatever he knows about corruption inside the government) can have against Lula.

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