Thursday, June 15, 2006


Beatification of Padre Eustáquio

Today, June 15th, in the Mineirão Stadium, in the city of Belo Horizonte, a ceremony for beatification of Padre Eustáquio will take place. It is expected that 70,000 people will attend the ceremony; the invitations were distributed by the Church.

Padre Eustáquio (Priest Eustaquio) was the name adopted in Brazil by Humberto van Lieshout, born in 1890 in Holland.
He arrived in Brazil in 1925, along with two brothers of the Congregation of Sacred Hearts. His first mission was in the city called Água Suja (Dirty Water), currently Romaria, one of the poorest city in the the western part of Minas Gerais.
Afterwards, Padre Eustáquio went to small cities in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, before returning to Minas Gerais, where he died in 1943; today, a District in Belo Horizonte is called Padre Eustáquio; many people already consider Eustáquio to be a Saint.

Last year, after years of investigation, the Church recognized a miracle attributed to Eustáquio.
In 1962, Gonçalo Rocha, priest in Belo Horizonte, was diagnosed with throat cancer. He was advised by Priests Resende Costa, then archibishop of Belo Horizonte, and Serafim Fernandes de Araújo, today a cardeal, to pray for Padre Eustáquio.
The day that Gonçalo Rocha would be submitted to a surgery, the doctors noticed that his throat had a better aspect. Further exams showed that the tumor had disappeared.

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