Sunday, May 14, 2006


Magazines: Ronaldinho, Uranium, Da Vinci Code

RonaldinhoEpoca 417 : "Better than Pelé?"
There are no doubts that Ronaldinho is the best football player in the World today, but Epoca casts the question: is Ronaldinho playing better than Pelé at his peak?
Epoca notes that just the admittance of such question is a great honor for Ronaldinho; never has a player in Brazil (including Romário, Ronaldo, Zico, Rivelino, among others) been seriously compared to Pelé.
Epoca ran a survey among famous journalists and players, which concluded that, out of eight criteria, Pelé was better in five, there was a draw in one, and Ronaldinho was better in two (dribbling and ball control). Pelé himself admitted recently that Ronaldinho is capable of things that he wasn't.

Isto E 1907: "The smuggling of Brazilian Uranium".
The Brazilian Federal Police found out that people were exploring mines of uranium and thorium in States of Brazilian Amazon.
According to the investigations, groups of foreigners based in Amapá would be purchasing land to, supposedly, dig for gold; instead, the groups would be illegally exploring Uranium and Thorium and sending it to countries in Europe and Asia, particularly Russia and North Korea.

Veja 1956: "Da Vinci Code". A review of the movie, which opens in Brazil this week.

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