Friday, May 19, 2006


Brazilian alpinist dies in Everest

vitor negreteBrazilian alpinist Vitor Negrete, aged 38, died yesterday, May 18th, after reaching the summit of Everest, in Nepal. Vitor climbed the North face of Everest, without oxygen masks.
He was on the way back, and called for help when he was 550 m down from the summit. Aiders reached him still alive, he didn't survive the cold.

This expedition was troublesome. On Tuesday, English David Sharp had already died. Then, Malaysian Ravi Chandran had his fingers frozen and had to abandon the expedition.

On Wednesday, Vitor decided to climb, alone.

Vitor Negrete had already reached the summit before, on June 2nd 2005. Also, Negrete is the alpinist who climbed most times the Aconcágua, highest mountain in the Americas.

Visit his website: Vitor Negrete

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