Sunday, April 30, 2006


Anthony Garotinho starts a hunger strike

Anthony Garotinho, important Brazilian politician, announced yesterday that he is in a hunger strike.
Garotinho is ex-Governor of the State of Rio de Janeiro; last elections, he ran for Presidency (finished third), and his wife, Rosinha Garotinho, was elected Governor of Rio.
Garotinho is again attempting to be candidate of his Party, PMDB, to the Presidential elections to happen in October this year.

Last month, Garotinho travelled around the country, to make contacts. A few days later, newspapers denounced that those travels were paid by "donations" of companies which, indeed, didn't exist (they were registered in the Commercial Bureau, but didn't have physical existance). Later on, it was revelead that those companies belonged to people who had connections inside the Government of Rio; there are suspicions that those people got some illegal public money, and gave a share to Garotinho.

Garotinho said that he didn't see any problem with the donations, but he would return the money.
Next, Garotinho said that there is a conspiration against him, and, to combat the conspirators, he would start a hunger strike.
To finish the strike, he has two demands: first, the elections must be accompanied by international observers; second, he demands space in what he calls main conspirators (Veja magazine and TV Globo) to present his defense.

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